The Brief: Socratic Math and Homework Help is an app that allows students to take a photo of homework questions and receive detailed answers.


Photo-Based Homework Help

Socratic Math & Homework Help can synthesize a photo of a question or problem in many subjects, providing answers, explanations, and resources for further learning on a topic. Socratic has open-sourced its algorithm, making the technology available to the public outside of the app. Similar apps such as Photomath function similarly to Socratic.

Is It Cheating?

As Socratic allows students to get the answers for their homework without actually doing any work, this could be used as a form of cheating. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual using the app whether they use it for help understanding a difficult problem, to check their work, or to complete homework without putting any thought into it. Teachers and schools usually have detailed policies regarding what is considered cheating. It’s important for educators to consider how the internet and apps affect how students do – and sometimes cheat on – their homework.

Socratic does provide educational resources. Its step-by-step explanations go into much more depth than someone might get if they were merely copying their friend’s homework. Socratic can be helpful as a tool for assistance and further learning but may be tempting to cheat with for some users.

Safety And Privacy

Socratic is recommended for people ages 9 and up. There are no in-app purchases or social media components.