The Brief: Smule is a video-sharing app on which users sing can karaoke with friends, random users, and even celebrities.


singing on smule

Smule is an app for singing karaoke on an online, global platform. Users pick a song to perform as a solo, duet, or group. Singing partners can be friends, random users, or even celebrities.

Singers perform live on the app, with other users tuning in. Performances are also recorded for others to watch, like, and comment on later. Recorded songs get saved on the singer’s profile page.

While the app is initially free to download, a VIP paid membership is required to have unlimited song access. The library of free songs can be pretty limited.

Celebrities on smule

Some celebrities, including Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, and Charlie Puth, use Smule to allow anyone to sing one of their songs with them. Youtube videos of celebrity duets on Smule have gone viral.

Safety & privacy

Creating an account requires a Facebook account, phone number, or email. Unless opting for a private account, users’ profiles are publicly viewable, with anyone able to like, comment on, or share videos. Users should adhere to standard Internet safety protocol to keep personal information private. ย The Apple Store rates Smule 12+ due to infrequent, mildly mature themes in the songs, though the app bans sexually explicit material.

At the time of writing, Smule ranks #11 in Music on the Apple App Store.