The Brief: Sanctuary is an astrology app that provides personalized astrological readings and options for one-on-one chats with astrologers.


We live in an age of personalized astrology apps. Among others, there’s Co-Star, Channing Tatum-endorsed The Pattern, and Sanctuary. Advertised as a horoscope and live palm reader application, Sanctuary provides daily horoscopes and astrology readings based on your birth chart. Users have the option to purchase a premium feature that allows them to chat one-on-one with a “personal Sanctuary astrologer.”

Apple/The App Store

Sanctuary vs. The Pattern vs. Co-Star

Sanctuary is unique from other popular astrology apps in its option for a personal chat with astrologers and in its specific user experience.ย Like Co-Star and The Pattern, Sanctuary offers customized push notifications to remind users of the role that astrological movements may play in their daily lives. Sanctuary provides users with a daily “power emoji” based on their sign and features information about relevant astrology news, pop culture, and history. The Sanctuary app also explains different basic astrological phenomena such as retrogrades, nodes, transits, and more. Sanctuary’s overall tone is chatty and friendly, acting as your personal astrologer beyond just its paid private readings.

Safety & Privacy

Apple’s App store suggests that Sanctuary is for ages 4 and up, but it’s likely that younger children wouldn’t get much out of the app.

Like many free apps, Sanctuary is connected to third party apps including Facebook Messenger and collects certain personal data as outlined in their privacy policy.

While Sanctuary is free to download, users will be prompted to upgrade to premium subscriptions for $19.99 per month in order to access more features including live chat readings.