The Brief: Remind: School Communication facilitates messaging and other forms of communication between students, teachers, and parents.


Remind: School Communication is a mobile application for students, parents, and teachers. According to the app’s creators, Remind is used by over 27 million educators and by parents in over 95% of U.S. school districts.

Remind allows students, parents, and teachers to communicate with each other through their ‘community.’ Messages can be sent to a class, an individual, or to a small class group. The app can be used to share handouts, photos, and other school-related files.

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Safety & Privacy

Remind is designed for use by minors with parental permission. According to the app’s privacy policy, some personal and usage information is collected, but that collection from minors under the age of 13 is more limited. As Remind is intended for school-related and in-classroom use, users communicate with people that they know from school as opposed to strangers that they meet online.