The Brief: Moji edit is a personalized emoji and avatar app.


Moji Edit is a mobile application that allows users to design personalized avatars, stickers, and emoticons. Users can connect with their friends to share their emojis on social media. Users can add a personalized emoji keyboard so that they can send Moji icons in text messages.

Moji Edit is similar to apps including Bitmoji and Zepeto. However, Moji Edit has frequent pop-ups asking users to subscribe for access to additional features that can be distracting and misleading.

Apple/App Store


Moji Edit is free to download but is hard to use without buying a subscription. Features on the free version are very limited and whenever someone clicks on a feature, outfit, accessory, or hairstyle that requires an upgrade, they’ll be met with a pop-up asking them to start a free trial. Some of the prompts to start a free trial (which will automatically turn into a paid subscription) are misleading and could lead to an accidental purchase of a $9.99 per week subscription.

Pop-up ads also encourage users to “create your emoji merch:” to customized items with their emoji avatar on them.

Safety And Privacy

Like many other free apps, Moji Edit uses cookies and has access to user data that they may use for advertising purposes or share with third parties. This is fully laid out in their privacy policy.

Parents should beware that the app’s frequent asks for users to start a “free trial” could lead to an accidental purchase of a pricey subscription.