The Brief: Marco Polo is the video chat app where friends can watch and react to real time video messages, or save them to watch later.


Marco? Polo!

The Marco Polo app is a free smartphone application that enables users to connect with others via video message. Described as the video app for “people on the go,” Marco Polo is used to send short video messages, or “Polos,” to friends and family. Users can respond to messages much in the same way you would with Snapchat, however, unlike other video apps, Marco Polo gives users the option to watch and react to real-time video messages or save them to watch later, plus the videos never disappear.

With over 10+ Million Installs this “video walkie-talkie” app is suitable for all ages, though the App Store rates it for ages 4+, and easy to use across Android and iOS systems.

Making Memories

With no limits on video length and an easy to use system (as simple as “Start” and “Stop”) the possibilities for communication are endless. What’s more is it’s easy to go back, rewatch, and relive special moments, since the videos never go away (although you are more than welcome to go back and delete your less-flattering video takes).

Fun Flair

Who doesn’t love playing around with voice and photo filters? Users can have fun changing up the visual and audible effects of their videos before sending them. In addition, posting emoji reactions when viewing friends’ videos is also an option, although many users have complained about the lack of filter and emoji options.

Safety & Privacy

Joya Communications’ app, like many others, uses personal information, including user-contributed content like name, email, and stored phone contacts, personally identifiable information, and automatic information.

Unlike other apps, the only way to locate Marco Polo users is by phone number, ensuring almost complete security from strangers. It’s also one of the few apps that isn’t tied somehow to a larger social network like Facebook or Google, which certainly makes it stand out.