The Brief: Aside from having face-to-face virtual conversations with your friends, the Houseparty App has four in-app games that make video chatting with friends more exciting and enjoyable.


Tech-savvy people are discovering new ways to feel connected with their friends even though they may be talking through a virtual screen on Houseparty‘s platform. The Houseparty App is known for its amusing in-app games that make video-chatting more exciting between friends who are searching for ways to stay entertained while they spend time online. Through digital conversation, Houseparty users are capable of playing 4 interactive games. For more games to play virtually with friends while you’re #BoredInTheHouse, check out our guides to games to play virtually while in quarantine.

1. Heads Up!

This digital game is one of the best games to play between long-distance friendships. Heads Up! is a virtual cardplaying game where friends guess what the other friend is describing or acting out without rhyming or saying the word. The in-app game is broken down into four categories: “#Trending”, “Act It Out”, “Superstars”, and “Animals Gone Wild.” Each category follows the same description rules where the performer can’t be too obvious about their interpretation of the topic selected.


The first category under the options listed in Heads Up! #Trending provides a variety of “trending words, phrases, people, and places from the past week.” Then, you select your teammates so that all parties have the same amount of members on their team. The guessing portion begins where people describe memes and popular hashtags “without saying what’s on the card or rhyming!” If you’re looking to ace this category, be sure to tune into updates on for the latest trending news, terms, and memes.

Act It Out

Similar to the meaning behind the title of the Heads Up! category, “Act It Out” is a guessing game where friends act out the action on the card for their teammates to guess. The challenging part is that the performer can’t speak, mimicking the perspective of a mime!


The guessing game that involves your favorite celebrities, “Superstar” follows the same guessing principles as the other rules. There can be description but no rhyming or saying the names of the stars that are chosen so that the game is more exciting and challenging for its participants.

Animals Gone Wild

Bring out your biggest roar and attempt to guess animals with your friends with Heads Up! category, “Animals Gone Wild.” The game features an extensive list of animals to choose from and the participants must not say any part of the animal’s name or rhyme with it! To include a more challenging aspect, don’t use words and just make noises and act out the animal’s habits to give hints.

2. Trivia

The digital version of the popular card-playing game contains an extensive list of 18 random topics that include questions regarding memorable moments within that category. The topics range from “Fortnite” to “Fashion” which shows that anyone can find a category they identify with. Just reach out to your friends who are using the Houseparty App and start playing!

3. Chips And Guac

Similar to Cards Against HumanityChips And Guac is a word playing game where participants associate the best-drawn descriptor to the word that shows up on-screen. There is a single judge while the other participants choose one of the actions or figures shown to associate with the topic the judge has in mind. The fun aspect is the quirky and awkward match-ups selected by the judge.

4. Quick Draw!

Similar to Pictionary, this virtual drawing game allows for people’s inner artists to shine if they’re nimble enough to draw detailed portraits on a particularly small screen. Each round someone is selected as the drawer while the other participants attempt to guess what the person is drawing and whoever guesses correctly first is the winner.

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