The Brief: The Firework app is a short video-sharing social media platform.


Similar to apps like Vine (RIP), TikTok, Lasso, and Funimate, Firework allows users to create and edit 30-second videos within the app and then post them to a public social network. Firework was released in March 2019 and is made by a company called Loop Now Technologies Inc.

What’s Unique About Firework

The Firework application is best-known for its “reveal” editing and viewing function which allows users to create videos with wide perspectives so that when a viewer rotates their device, they will be able to view the same scene from a different angle. Creators also have the option to add music to the background of their videos, much like the feature that TikTok is known for. iPhone users can simultaneously film footage on both their front and rear-facing cameras.

Some famous former viners including illusionist Zach King as well as influencers and YouTubers have joined Firework and regularly post videos there.

Firework’s algorithm matches people up with content based on their interests and how they interact with the app. When a user creates an account, they’re prompted to choose from a variety of topics, sharing “What themes interest you?”

While some of these themes and topics are standard social media categories, the selection is somewhat sparse and specific. Below is a full list of the themes users can choose from.

  • Creativity: singing, abstract art, instrumentals, Hip-Hop, and drawing and painting.
  • Lifestyle: cars, men’s fitness, men’s fashion, women’s fitness, DIY, beauty, and food.
  • Adventure: Parkour, gaming, extreme sports, travel, dancing, basketball, and skateboarding.
  • Entertainment: bikini models, oddly satisfying, dating, comedy, animal, prank, and magic.

Firework App Guide Sample

Apple/The App Store

Firework is free to download with the option of making in-app purchases. Similar to TikTok’s endless scroll feed layout, Firework has an endless swipe function, encouraging viewers effortlessly move from one video to the next.

Safety & Privacy

According to Apple’s App Store, Firework is intended for users aged 12 and up due to potential for content containing references to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, suggestive themes, fantasy violence, profanity, and crude humor. When setting up the app, one must type in their age, gender, and name, but there is no verification of this information. Accounts can be set up through Facebook, email, or a smartphone.

Content posted to Firework can be viewed by anyone with an account and users can communicate with each other through direct messages.

Like many apps, Firework collects a certain amount of information about its users. As laid out in their privacy policy, Firework may share user information with corporate partners and third parties.

Google’s Interest In TikTok Competitor

As ByteDance’s TikTok rises to unprecedented levels of success, Google has held discussions about acquiring Firework, which was valued at over $100 million earlier this year.