The Brief: Find My Family is a social networking app for families, allowing users to check in on each other's locations.


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Find My Family is a social networking app created by Life360, which allows family members to share their locations with each other. Users do so within a “circle,” or a limited group of people.

The creator of a circle determines who is in and who is out, sending invitations to each member. Users can create multiple circles, so one might have separate circles for immediate family, extended family, and family friends or babysitters.

Location Sharing & Check-Ins

The app’s main page shows a map with each member of the family plotted according to their current location. Users can turn location sharing off and on; the app notifies the circle whenever this happens.

A check in button allows users to send their current location to the group. The app can also be configured to share locations automatically, such as when arriving to or departing from a certain area. For example, instead of a teenager having to remember to text her parents that she arrives safely at the library, the app will automatically ping the family to alert the circle of her arrival. Use of this feature requires saving frequented spots in the app.

Families can also message each other within the app, similar to a group text thread. An emergency button allows users to quickly send a safety alert.

safety & privacy

The creator of a circle invites all of the members, so there is full control over who has access. Messages, location-sharing, and check-ins are all specific to the circle to which they are sent, meaning that each circle operates independently of the others. A user can notify his immediate family that he’s leaving his oboe lesson without also notifying the larger, extended family circle.

As of publication, Life360’s Find My Family app ranks #5 in Social Networking in Apple’s App Store.