The Brief: Lasso is a short video editing and social media app created by Facebook.


Lasso App

Lasso is similar to TikTok and Vine in how it combines features for editing short videos with social media. Through these apps, users can both create and share their short videos. As Lasso is created by Facebook, users can post their videos directly to their Facebook or Instagram stories or posts. There is also a social networking component within the app where users can follow other creators, like and share videos, and post their own original video content. Lasso’s user-base is small compared to TikTok, which has over 100 million monthly active users.

Videos can be edited with a variety of effects and set to music from the app’s large music library. Some video creators on Lasso have created vine-style comedy and meme videos, while others more closely resemble Instagram or TikTok videos.

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Posted by Lasso on Monday, February 11, 2019

Safety & Privacy

After they download the app, Lasso asks to connect to users’ Facebook or Instagram profiles. This makes it so that they can more easily interact with friends or followers from these sites. Users can choose whether or not to post their videos to Facebook or Instagram. Within Lasso, any video posted is public, but users can choose whether or not others can repost their videos within Lasso or on their Instagram/Facebook stories. Lasso’s data collection, prohibited content, and anti-harassment policies are the same as Facebook’s. They can be found here.

Lasso is intended for users age 12 and up due to the mildly inappropriate video content that may show up. This includes explicit song lyrics in the video library.