The Brief: Ditty is an app that replaces lyrics to popular songs with user-inputted text.



Per the app’s website, Ditty “sings anything you text.” Simply type anything into the app, and it will plug your words in as lyrics to a popular song. Not only that, but the app will also generate a video clip or graphic to go along with it. Ditty essentially creates musical vines, called dittys.

How it works

The app is free, and users can select songs from a variety of musical genres, including pop, hip hop, country, and several others. Most songs are free, with a wider song selection available for purchase.

The app’s selection of video backgrounds includes GIFs, lyric backgrounds, and Fortnite emotes. Users can also upload their own pictures or videos from their phone’s camera roll.

Users can follow each other and like or comment on each others’ posts. A newsfeed displays current popular dittys. Users can also discover new dittys through searching by username or hashtag.

ditty & youtube

Ditty is especially popular among Youtubers. A common trend is using fans’ video comments to generate personalized dittys. Youtube is also a popular site to share compilation videos of memes created on Ditty.

Safety & privacy

Users must sign up for the app using an email address or Facebook account. The app also has the option to sync a user’s phone contacts to automatically add friends on the platform. While the Apple Store rates the app as safe for ages nine and up, it is worth noting that there is little filtering of mature content.

In 2016, Ditty won the Appy Award for Music App of the Year.