The Brief: Clash is a short video sharing app created by former Vine star Brendon McNerney and content strategist P.J. Leimgruber.


The Clash video app is a free short-form video-sharing social media platform available for iPhone users.

By And For Creators

The short-form video-sharing app Clash dubs itself as “the first Creator-Founded social network, empowering short form video creators through innovative monetization options, inclusive communities, and fun, creator inspired features.” Created by former Viner Brendon McNerney and digital marketing expert/content strategist P.J. Leimgruber, the app aims to center creators and to set up sustainable models for them to be compensated.

Clash Video App Guide

Clash vs. TikTok

The Clash video app’s interface is similar to TikTok with a “now serving” page that looks and acts like the For You page. Videos can be up to 21 seconds long and users can search for content or view trending hashtags. At the time of writing, Clash doesn’t have any effects, filters, or editing tools. Clash told TubeFilter that they plan to let their creator community dictate which features will be added in the future. The Clash app automatically downloads videos to users’ camera rolls, a feature that TikTok doesn’t currently have.

Early Reception

The app launched its Beta version, which is only available on iPhone, in July and it had particular appeal for TikTokers who feared the app would be banned in the United States. According to TubeFilter, Clash saw an increase in traffic after President Donald Trump announced that he was considering banning TikTok.

At the time of writing, the app has 4.4/5 stars out of over 500 ratings on The App Store.

Safety And Privacy

Clash uses some user data and information as laid out in their privacy policy. The App Store recommends it for users aged 12 and up.