The Brief: Blindlee is a free dating app that hosts 3-minute blurred video calls in a virtual speed dating format.


Blindlee creators Sacha Nasan and Glenn Keller felt like there needed to be a safer dating application for women. After their cousin went on a date with someone they met online and thought they were 15 years younger than they presented themself, the founders believed it was necessary for women to have more transparency on dates that allowed them to feel more comfortable and confident with who they are about to wine and dine with.

What Is Blindlee?

Blindlee, the “blind” dating app, is a digital platform for people who are seeking a romantic partner. Through a speed dating format, Blindlee allows users to have 3 minute blurred video calls with other users in hopes of them forming a deep connection. Similar to other dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, the crucial differences are that Blindlee gives its female users the upper-hand when it comes to speed dating because only they can remove the blur feature from their video calls.

The app serves as a more organized and censored version of Omegle or Chatroulette, allowing users who are sheltering in place to date virtually.

After creating a Blindlee dating profile with specified interests, a user is prompted to start the speedy blind dating process where the app pairs users with a potential love interest. Then, the blurred video call between users begins and lasts for strictly three minutes, and after the call ends it is up to the female user to continue the call without the blur feature or take it further into the online chatroom.

Safety & Privacy

According to their Privacy Policy, users must be at least 18 years old to download the app and use it’s online dating features.

If you create an online profile with Blindlee, the app may require certain sensitive information from users such as their email address, name, and city of residence. Your personal information may qualify you to receive newsletters and other promotional materials from Blindlee. Your location data may be used to improve certain features of the app’s services. The personal data inputted in Blindlee can be used for legal action if users don’t abide by the law when using Blindlee.

There are rising concerns about the app’s anonymous capabilities because users are worried over the fact if they are actually being blurred throughout video calls or if there is a possibility that their information is public to other participants. Be cautious with sharing your email on Blindlee to avoid other users from using your email to contact you outside of the dating application.