The Brief:

Bits is a short video editing and sharing app with a focus on comedy. 


The Bits App is similar to other short video apps including TikTok, LIKE Video App, Facebook’s Lasso, and Funimate. It includes features for creating and editing videos which can be shared through the in-app social media component or exported to other platforms. Creators cannot upload premade content to the app – they can only post what they’ve recorded and edited within Bits. Videos can be up to 15 seconds long.

The Bits App focuses on comedy with hashtags that serve as prompts for short videos. These include topics such as “things I learned from my ex,” “bad makeup guru,” and “lame fight club rules.”

The premise of the app is in the name: users are encouraged to produce short comedy “bits.” The app caters to professional or aspiring actors and comedians and anyone else looking to share or view comedy bits and sketches.

Is Bits The New Vine?

Bits, which launched earlier this year has features and elements that are reminiscent of the now-defunct Vine. The length, focus on comedy, and homemade qualities of these videos resemble those of Vines, but it is unclear if this app will match Vine’s popularity and virality. Bits distinguishes itself from current video-sharing apps like TikTok in its focus on simple, straightforward comedic bits rather than lip-syncing or memes.

Safety & Privacy

Users must be 17 years or older in order to use Bits. Some videos include adult humor and content such as smoking, drug references, sexual themes, and cursing. This rule could be abused if underage users were to simply check the box that they are 17+.

Users of any age should employ basic internet safety and privacy practices when using any app including Bits. For more information on the apps specific policies and guidelines, see its privacy policy and terms of use.