The Brief: Amino is a social networking app with forums and chatrooms for people around the world to discuss different topics. It was designed with teenagers in mind and the average user spends over 70 minutes a day on Amino.


Amino is a social and “blogging platform” with over 2.5 million specific communities based on various subjects and fandoms.  The app is similar to Reddit in that it has pages and forums for specific topics, but Amino has more features, including text and video chats, quizzes, and polls.

The average user spends over 70 minutes a day on Amino. Communities are based around subjects including KPOP, Harry Potter, Five Nights at Freddy’s, anime, and cosplay. Each page has its own moderators and specific set of rules. Users can make different profiles for different pages, customizing their identities to fit each of their interests. Because profiles are anonymous and do not require real-name authentication, users have more freedom to explore identities and communities online. However, with increased anonymity, there is more potential for reckless or inappropriate behavior.

Amino has many interactive, supportive communities with positive exchanges. Although it was designed for a teenage audience, there are some risks to using the app. Officially, the app is meant for people ages 12 and up, and it is important for anyone using the app to know the basics of online safety, privacy, and anti-bullying. Like any social networking site, it is possible to communicate with strangers, in this case anonymously. Amino does not allow for NSFW content or bullying. Much of this is effectively controlled by moderators, but some inappropriate content may slip through the cracks.

It is essential that younger Amino users know how to use the app safely by only engaging in public chats, not disclosing personal information, and recognizing and reporting inappropriate interactions.  Other things to watch out for include what advice minors receive from advice pages, and the nature of various role-play pages and chats.

Recently, Amino has raised $45 million to continue expanding the app. As it increases in popularity and usage, it is a good idea to know what your kids are up to on the app, and to understand its risks.