The Brief: 9GAG is a forum-based website and app primarily used for photo, GIF, and meme sharing.


9GAG is an app and website known for meme-sharing and its numerous topic-specific forums. Sections include ones such as Anime and Manga, Classical Art Memes, Cosplay, and Fortnite. Most of 9GAG’s content consists of images, short videos, and GIFS, with a feature allowing users to upvote or downvote any post.

Some pages contain NSFW or otherwise inappropriate content, which is usually labeled but can slip through the cracks. Much of the trending content on 9GAG consists of screenshots and content originating from other sites such as  Tumblr, Twitter, or Reddit.

9GAG is free to use with an option to purchase an ad-free version for $2.99.

Attitudes About 9GAG

9GAG is often the subject of ridicule on other social media sites. One Urban Dictionary definition for 9GAG states that it is “An irrelevant website that’s filled with a bunch of kids who just discovered internet meme’s [sic] and trolling.”

Many critics of 9GAG attribute their dislike of the site to allegations that a large portion of its content has been “stolen” from other sites: reposted without giving credit to its original source. Although internet memes are inherently based on some form of copying, many meme connoisseurs frown upon the practice of reposting something onto another site without credit. The fact that 9GAG is seen as a source of minimal original content makes these repostings worse of an offense to some, as they argue that 9GAG serves little purpose other than to leech off of other sites.

In spite of negative attitudes towards 9GAG, it has approximately 150 million monthly users.


The 9CHAT app has similar aspects to Amino, as it combines forums and anonymous messaging. As it is with all anonymous messaging and forum apps, the anonymity can foster cyberbullying, trolling, and other inappropriate behavior. Some of the threads on 9CHAT are particularly suggestive including “Confessions and Secrets” and “Sex and Relationship Advice.” NSFW, sexually suggestive, and otherwise inappropriate content is widespread on the app.

Safety And Privacy

An account is not required to view content on 9GAG, but users must create an account through their email or by synching their Facebook accounts in order to contribute comments or posts to the site. According to Apple’s App Store, users must be at least 17 years old in order to download the 9GAG or 9CHAT apps. The apps feature content that includes references to or depictions of drugs, sex, violence, and other potentially inappropriate things. Even if internet safety and privacy measures are implemented, 9GAG  is not meant for children and does not create a positive environment for them.