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Month: July 2020

What Is An Entanglement?

An entanglement is the act of being entangled or caught in a physical trap. It is also defined as being involved in a complicated relationship.

Anime Silhouette Challenge On TikTok

The Silhouette Challenge, also known as, #silhouettechallenge, is a TikTok trend that features creators editing their silhouette and that of a fictitious character, usually anime, in an intimate setting.

What Is #Momtifa?

#Momtifa is another name for the Wall of Moms: a group of mothers who have assembled to protect protesters in Portland against police and federal agents.

What Does Mixy Mean?

Mixy describes a person who is untrustworthy and likely to cause drama because they are caught up in too many social circles and/or activities.

“Mind Ya Business” TikTok Trend

TikTok’s “Mind Ya Business” trend typically consists of creators sharing their strange habits or controversial opinions performed to Rod Lee’s “Mind Ya Biznezz.”

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