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Month: April 2020

Demon Name Memes

Demon name memes are rising in popularity on the internet. The meme is marked by a demon demanding an individual reveal their demon name, which is their original name in reverse.

#HowToSpotARedneck on Twitter

#HowToSpotARedneck is trending on Twitter while Southerners reveal the authentic (and sometimes offensive) character traits of a true American Redneck.

Trump Disinfectant Memes

Trump disinfectant memes are going viral on social media after President Trump suggested injecting disinfectant into the body to treat the Coronavirus.

Donald Trump Tide Pod Memes

President Donald Trump suggested that disinfectant be injected into the lungs to fight Coronavirus, so people are posting memes online in remembrance of the Tide Pod issues that happened not so long ago in 2018.

What Is Quaranqueening?

Quaranteening is what a queen does in quarantine. It can refer to a drag queen, an actual monarch, or anyone else with queen-like qualities.

Games To Play On The Houseparty App

Aside from having face-to-face virtual conversations with your friends, the Houseparty App has four in-app games that make video chatting with friends more exciting and enjoyable.

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