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Month: October 2019

October 7, 2019
Dad Sneeze Memes

These memes make fun of the ear-splitting sound made by dads while sneezing.

October 4, 2019

Teejayx6 is an 18-year-old scam rapper from Detroit known for his music which details scams he claims to have carried out.

Black Air Force 1 Memes

Black Air Force 1 memes poke fun at wearers of these shoes because they are associated with criminals and untrustworthy people.

What Is Scam Rap?

Scam rap is a subgenre of rap wherein rappers tell tales of their fraudulent exploits with a distinct style and flow.

October 2, 2019
Suspicious Snake Memes

Suspicious snake memes use images of a green snake to convey a sense of suspici0n or skepticism.

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