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Month: October 2019

October 10, 2019
John Wick Surrounded By Guns Memes

These memes comes from a promotional poster for the movie John Wick: Chapter Two in which John Wick is surrounded by guns being aimed at his head.

October 9, 2019
What Is a Nathan?

Nathan is a term used to describe somebody who only listens to lyrical or conscious hip-hop while denouncing mumble rap for its simplicity, vulgarity, and glorification of drug use.

Joker Getting Hit By A Car Memes

Joker car memes use a still from the 2019 movie Joker in which The Joker gets hit by a car as a metaphor for someone being surprised by a sudden stroke of bad luck.

What Is Virtue Signaling?

Virtue signaling is outwardly indicating that one supports a cause or is a “good person,” without necessarily acting in ways that correspond with such signals.

Who Is Joe Mama?

Pranksters will sometimes trick people into asking “who is Joe?” so that they can respond “Joe mama!” as in “yo mama.”

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